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Effective Responder Communication Improves Efficiency - New Paper

Greetings Everyone

I am very grateful to Richard Amlot for providing us with this opportunty to share the attached paper with you.

Effective Responder Communication Improves Efficiency and Psychological Outcomes in a Mass Decontamination Field Experiment: Implications for Public Behaviour in the Event of a Chemical Incident

by Holly Carter, John Drury, Richard Amlot, G. James Rubin, Richard Williams

Results from CBRNE Workshop

We had a very successful workshop last week and have been reviewing our notes and recordings to determine what we need to do to improve what we have. We greatly benefited from participants from the UK CBRN Police Training Centre, the US Army CBRN Training Center, Dr.

CBRNE Workshop - January 13/14 2014

Our CBRNE Workshop started today and we are so pleased and honoured to have such distinguished researchers and experts from the UK, the US and across Canada attending. A key purpose of the workshop is to identify how our protocols for Self-Care Decontamination, the kits we have developed and the associated materials can be improved. Additionally, we have this wonderful opportunity to learn from what others are doing and have done.

Congratulations to Ray Monteith

Greetings Everyone

We are pleased to offer our congratulations to Ray Monteith,who has just completed his M.A. in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University (RRU). Ray worked with our JIBC SIMTEC research team to develop the self-care decontamination protocols that were used by the SIMTEC team in developing the SIMTEC decontamination protocols and Exercise Green Cloud.

Ray's paper "Validation Of A Hazmat/Cbrn Decontamination Protocol Within A Canadian Context" will be available from the RRU library, but I have attached it here for your convenience.


Winter Blues! Exercise Now Available!


We are delighted to announce that the Winter Blues! Exercise is now available to be downloaded and run from the SIMTEC website. The website provides access to the Controller Guidebook; resources and materials for the Controllers, the Players and for the EOC; the Training Video; and the three audio-visual files required to run the actual exercise.

Thank You!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our October 29th Winter Blues! Exercise, in particular the North Shore Emergency Management Office and the communities of Delta, Vancouver and Maple Ridge. Your participation was greatly appreciated and has helped us to refine both the exercise and revise our training video.

Stay tuned for the on-line launch of Winter Blues! in January 2013.

We're in the Movie Business!

Well, who knew research could be so much fun (and hard work!)? We finished the training scripts last week and recorded all of the Narrator portions of the training video for our upcoming Exercise Winter Blues. Also thanks to our dedicated team and volunteers, we recorded radio/dispatch calls for police, fire and ambulance.

Coding and Analysis

Coding and analysis of the Test Exercise is underway and we have started the decontamination literature review. We will be putting together our bi-monthly newsletter this coming week. If you have anything you would like to include in our newsletter please let me know.



This project received funding from the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP), a federal program led by Defence Research and Development Canada, in partnership with Public Safety Canada.

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