We are very pleased to announce the release of several new SIMTEC materials that are ready for you to review and download.

1. We have just completed the Canadian Family Physicians’ Guide to Mass Casualty Incidents (available in both English and French) to complement the previously uploaded BC Family Physicians’ Guide. The Canadian Guide includes national resources and references and is applicable to all provinces and territories. Many thanks to Francois Legault for his assistance in compiling these guides.

2. We are very proud to present, the first time that we are aware of that this has been produced, the Team Support Worker Guidebook for EOCs. This guide provides both Team Support Workers (TSW)and EOC personnel with information about the potential roles and responsibilities of TSWs, the benefits of TSWs in an EOC setting, the organization and functioning of an EOC, potential stressors and reactions of EOC staff, and strategies to reduce EOC-related stress. Many thanks to BC Disaster Psychosocial Services Program: Heleen Sandvik, Ali Paul, Craig Norris and Sonja Ruthe for their invaluable assistance.

3. Executive Summaries of our five exercises: Winter Blues!, Green Cloud, Target Red, Outbreak Orange and Black Fault.

4. Abstracts and links to two SIMTEC research published papers.

Check in the upcoming days and weeks as we launch Exercise Black Fault, complete additional papers and present a SIMTEC Summary video!

As always, we welcome your feedback and please call and/or email if you have comments or questions.

Laurie Pearce
Research Chair