Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training Videos

The SIMTEC Project is proud to present the following training videos for basic decontamination and management of chemically contaminated patients.

This two training sessionsare designed to provide education and guidance on the importance of properly using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when dealing with one to five self-presenting chemically contaminated individuals. This video is applicable to any emergency responder, first receiver or volunteers required to wear PPE.

Although similar principles apply for persons who have been affected with biological and radiological contamination this training video is primarily focused on dealing with persons who have been contaminated with high probability/moderate impact substances such as:

  • pepper spray, bear spray, dog repellent, etc.
  • industrial chemicals
  • agricultural chemicals: organophosphates & pesticides
  • chemicals used in methamphetamine labs

Part A: Classroom instruction with equipment overview
Download video in MP4 video in MP4 (4.8 GB) | Streaming Video

Part B: Hands-on PPE Demonstration (don/doff)
Download video in MP4 video in MP4 (2.3 GB) | Streaming Video


  • PPE is designed to provide protection from serious injuries or illnesses resulting from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other hazards.
  • Careful selection and use of adequate PPE should protect individuals from hazards affecting the respiratory system, skin, eyes, face, hands, feet, head, body, and hearing.
  • Mixing and matching PPE ensembles might not provide adequate or complete protection.
  • No single combination of protective equipment and clothing is capable of protecting against all hazards, thus, PPE should be used in conjunction with other protective methods, including exposure control procedures and equipment.


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