Welcome to Exercise Outbreak Orange.

This page contains links to all the documents and materials required to run Exercise Outbreak Orange.

Step 1

Review the Exercise Outbreak Orange Controller Guidebook before you start. (in PDF – 490 KB)

Step 2

To run Exercise Outbreak Orange, you will require two computers to simultaneously run audio and video files for each exercise group. View the computer technical requirements before you begin.

Step 3

Download and save all the documents below. It is important to read the Exercise Target Red Controller Guidebook well in advance of the date that you intend on running the exercise to ensure that you have completed all the preparations.

Materials for Controllers

Materials for the EOC/HEOC PODS

Step 4

Download and save all the MP4 video files below before you start the exercise. (Please read the Controller Guidebook prior to running the exercise)

  1. Exercise Outbreak Orange Training Video
    Download video in MP4 ( 833 MB) | Streaming Video
  2. Exercise Outbreak Orange – Inputs for EOC POD
    Download video in MP4 (584 MB) | Streaming Video
  3. Exercise Outbreak Orange – Inputs for HEOC POD
    Download video in MP4 (603 MB | Streaming Video

Post Exercise Feedback

We would like to hear about your experiences running the Exercise Outbreak Orange Exercise. Please contact us at simtec@jibc.ca.