Effective Responder Communication Improves Efficiency - New Paper

Greetings Everyone

I am very grateful to Richard Amlot for providing us with this opportunty to share the attached paper with you.

Effective Responder Communication Improves Efficiency and Psychological Outcomes in a Mass Decontamination Field Experiment: Implications for Public Behaviour in the Event of a Chemical Incident

by Holly Carter, John Drury, Richard Amlot, G. James Rubin, Richard Williams

It is very relevant to the work we are doing on Exercise Green Cloud and the protocols. Fortunately, it is very timely as we are just refining our protocols to get sent out for peer review by those at the CBRNE Hazard Workshop and this will be very helpful!

Laurie Pearce

Carter et al 2014 PLOS ONE (2).pdf277 KB


This project received funding from the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP), a federal program led by Defence Research and Development Canada, in partnership with Public Safety Canada.

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