Winter Blues! Exercise Now Available!


We are delighted to announce that the Winter Blues! Exercise is now available to be downloaded and run from the SIMTEC website. The website provides access to the Controller Guidebook; resources and materials for the Controllers, the Players and for the EOC; the Training Video; and the three audio-visual files required to run the actual exercise.

I have attached the offical News Release and want to thank all of our partners, our Expert Working Group; JIBC staff; and the communities and organizations that contributed so much towards making this a success. In particular I would like to thank Tim Shields, RCMP; Lee Patterson, Vancouver Police Department; Tara Williams, BC Ambulance Service; Jackie Kloosterboer, City of Vancouver; Jeanne LeBlanc, Psychologist; Michel Doré, Gouvernement du Québec; Bruce Ramsay, District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue(Ret'd); and Bruce Blythe, CEO and Chairman of Crisis Management International Inc., for their willingness to contribute to the development of our Training Video.

As well, last but not least, our Project Champion, Health Canada and our funding agency, the Canadian Safety and Security Program, Defence R&D Canada – Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS).

We welcome your feedback and hope you find Winter Blues! a great learning opportunity for your community.


Laurie Pearce
Research Chair

Simtec Launch January 16 2013.pdf537.36 KB


This project received funding from the Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP), a federal program led by Defence Research and Development Canada, in partnership with Public Safety Canada.

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